Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lake Michigan Fog

Navy Pier in Fog
On a recent trip to Navy Pier my family decided to take one of the lake shore boat tours. It was a gorgeous day with the sun shining and a soft breeze blowing. We bought our tickets and went to grab a byte. About 15 minutes before departure, the wind change and started blowing from the lake. 15 minutes later, fog had blown in and  the Chicago skyline disappeared. The boat still went out on the lake but as we moved further away from Navy Pier, the fog intensified. It didn't take long before one of the crew was stationed in the front upper level of the ship. His job: pointing out any objects that were to close to the boat.
Tall Ship Windy disappears in the Fog
The fog got so thick that it was impossible to tell if we were moving. The recorded tour narration played on as normal but out the window all we could see was a gray blanket. For all intent and purposes, we could have been stopped in the middle of the lake with the engine running and no one would have noticed. A couple of more crew were sent up to keep an eye out and at one point one of them pointed to the left. A couple of minutes later the Chicago Guidewall Lighthouse could be seen through the fog. Navy Pier was not too far but it was still cloaked. Again, one of the watchmen pointed out straight into the distance and suddenly our boat started moving in reverse. A few seconds later out of the fog emerged one of the large dining cruises. Once it cleared our path, out boat cautiously approached Navy Pier and docked without any incidents. This was definitively not your standard lake shore tour.
Guidewall Lighhouse

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hidden Fall - Summer 2014

This has been an somewhat unusual summer with long periods of rain and more recently a cold spell. Not complaining here as the lawn looks great and I prefer natural air conditioning. After one of these periods of rain I drove down to Waterfall Glen to visit the small waterfall. There was no question that it was flowing strong as I could hear it clearly from the side of the road (for a short video of this waterfall in action, visit my Facebook page). The pond was overflowing with water and the creek was deeper that I recall from last year. The thorny bush by the pond is enjoying this summer's weather condition and has grown significantly making it difficult to get around it. I only had a few minutes to photograph as the cloudy skies under which I arrived cleared up rather quickly and I was unable to capture all that I had planned. We haven't had rain since this visit so I'm sure the waterfall has gone back into hibernation. Hopefully I will get one more chance this summer to get down there...if not there is always fall.